Wedding Photography Services

Based in the Charleston, SC, LeQuire Photo is available to capture engagement photos, bridal portraits, rehearsal dinner photos, wedding celebration candids, family shots, and any other photographs you may need.

This is your special day - we want to ensure we capture your spirit, vision, candid moments, posed shots, and memories to treasure for a lifetime. 


Customized On-Site Photography Services

Prior to the event, we want to ensure we understand your wants and needs on your wedding day. We spend time working with you to understand:

  • the kinds of shots you want - family photos, candids, ceremony photos, and all special requests you may have
  • where, when and how these shots will take place - the location of your wedding (ceremony, rehearsal, and other events) offers fantastic opportunities to position you for fantastic shots. Coupling this with an understanding of how you plan your day, we can plan ahead to ensure we get you the best shots possible. Through sight visits and careful study, we identify and suggest spots that give you the best lighting, backgrounds, and scenery to compliment you and your guests the best. 

High Quality Memories of Your Special Day

Upon formulating a solid plan for your wedding events, we employ powerful professional photography techniques, best practices, and focus on quality to deliver the highest quality photographs we can, such as:

  • the best photography equipment - we use the best cameras and lighting equipment in the industry to improve the quality of your shots
  • high quality image processing - we employ techniques to embrace your natural beauty - nothing over the top and artificial - we apply light color, light, and retouching adjustments to enhance your photographs to look their best.
  • premium options for photography prints and digital files - we work with the very best in the industry (Richard Photo Lab) and handle all the fulfillment for you, so you can view, order, and receive your photos in a matter of just a few clicks. Your shoot will include a privately hosted online gallery to facilitate this easily for you. 

Flexible Pricing Options

It is no secret that wedding budgets add up fast. We offer very flexible pricing options to ensure that you get what you want, within your budget. Want to ensure your experience is high quality and within your expectations for what you want to spend. Options include:

  • all inclusive packages (higher end) - don't want to pick and choose the photos you want? No problem - we offer fantastic bundles where you can receive as many digital or print files (and bound albums) as you want.
  • à la carte ordering (you pick) - through our online galleries, you can pick and choose which digital files and prints you want to order. This gives you and your guests the capability to pick and choose what you want with more flexibility in your pricing.  

Working with LeQuire Photo

Plan --> Shoot --> Deliver

Perhaps no day is more important in your entire life than your wedding day (at least we think so). Through some learning, experience, and research, we have learned that there are very simple ways to ensure your photographs come out looking the best they can.

Prior to the event, it is critical we work together to plan the shoot. What do you want to see? Where will we be shooting? What time? These may sound like simple questions, but diving into these and understanding the details therein is necessary and critical to quality for the final product. 

The day of the shoot itself, we arrive on time, set ourselves up inconspicuously, and grab the best shots and candids we can, all while assimilating seamlessly into your event. You will hardly notice we are there, but when you do, you are welcomed with a very warm customer experience. We want to ensure you are as comfortable as possible on your big day. 

When delivering your photographs, we aim to turn these around as quickly as possible, with the very best techniques applied to represent your natural beauty, the spirit of your day, and a fantastic timeline to remember. Our online gallery offers an easy, seamless experience to view, download, and order your photographs. 

Quality is first, foremost, and always on our minds. Your experience and your photographs will reflect this principle aim we uphold.