Food Photography Services

What separates you from the competition? Your recipes, your preparation, your ambiance, and service you offer - all these should shine through your marketing materials.

Based in the Charleston, SC area, LeQuire Photo is available to work with you on site or in our studio to give your business (and your food products) its best look. Your style is your brand - let's make it shine. 

We provide a variety of services from food styling, marketing photos (for promotions - digital and print), cookbooks, product shots, menus, websites, recipes, and more. We can deliver high quality, high resolution photos and videos, depending upon your needs. 


Food Photography

First impressions count! What do you want your prospective customers to see?

Great photographs of your food, drink, and atmosphere arise from a combination of factors: what matters the most to you in what you make and serve? What experience do you want to convey to your customers?

Rich, magazine style photos of your food and food products are well within your reach when working with us. We know what it takes to setup the shot, ensure the lighting is correct, style your food, process the images, and more to give you a polished, mouth-watering look.

Food Styling

+ recipe development, props, studio, 

Projects, Cookbooks, Packaging, Promotion, and More...

cooking sessions

product photos

cookbook photos

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