Family Photography Services

Based in the Charleston, SC area, LeQuire Photo is available to capture your family photos on site (at home, on the beach, etc) or in our studio. 

Treasure this time in your lives with a high quality set of photographs from LeQuire Photo. 


Family Photographs at Home or on Vacation in Charleston

Home is where the heart is, whether that's in the place you live 24x7 or in your temporary residence here in Charleston. 

Prior to the shoot, we'll talk about what makes your family tick - is it the pancake breakfasts on the weekend? Big Thanksgiving dinners? Bocce in the backyard? What are those things you want to capture and treasure forever?

Or, is it just the simple things, like reading on the couch together, bed time rituals, playing around the house, or having fun at dinner?

What precious moments do you want to capture?

Pregnancy, Newborn, and Child Photography

The excitement in your pregnancy, that moment when you bring your new child home, all the way up to driving them to college - these all go by so fast. 

Your children change so much from year to year (month to month)! Each stage is precious. 

At LeQuire Photo, we take special care in eliciting your wants and needs - what spirit, what moments, and what shots do you want to freeze in time? Through careful observation and a well planned shoot - we aim to deliver priceless treasures you'll view for a lifetime.

Special Events Photography

Graduation, bar and bat mitzvahs, confirmations & baptisms, sporting events, cotillion, proms, birthdays, family reunions, holidays, and more - you name it. For any special occasion, especially where many come together from afar - we are here to document these moments in time for you.

Don't miss a fantastic opportunity to capture these opportunities and add them to your family keepsakes. 

Working with LeQuire Photo

Plan --> Shoot --> Deliver

Quality is paramount to us - the quality your photos should be nothing less than your highest expectations. Through careful planning, attentive shooting, and high quality processing work, we can say with confidence that you will be pleased with our work. 

Prior to the shoot, it is critical we work together to plan the shoot. What do you want to see? Where will we be shooting? What time? These may sound like simple questions, but diving into these and understanding the details therein is necessary and critical to quality for the final product. 

The day of the shoot itself, we arrive on time, set ourselves up inconspicuously, and grab the best shots and candids we can, all while assimilating seamlessly into your environment. You will hardly notice we are there, but when you do, you are welcomed with a very warm customer experience. We want to ensure you are as comfortable as possible, which helps us capture the best images possible. 

When delivering your photographs, we aim to turn these around as quickly as possible, with the very best techniques applied to represent your natural beauty, the spirit and expectations you want to capture, and a fantastic set of memories to treasure. Our online gallery offers an easy, seamless experience to view, download, and order your photographs. 

Quality is first, foremost, and always on our minds. Your experience and your photographs will reflect this principle aim we uphold.